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How is bot traffic impacting my marketing efforts?

When bot traffic infiltrates your data, it leads to bad data, and bad data inevitably results in poor decisions. Bots don’t behave like humans, and they don’t interact with websites or content in the same way your target audience does. This means the metrics you rely on for A/B tests, resource allocation, visitor experience optimization, and content prioritization become tainted, leading to flawed conclusions and misguided strategies.

And this impact extends beyond data quality; it affects your confidence and reputation as a marketer. When confronted with fluctuations in metrics and an inability to attribute them to a clear cause, you may find yourself in the uncomfortable position of admitting uncertainty or improvising explanations.

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To learn more, check out the blog post "[Decoding Bot Traffic: Understanding, Identifying, and Addressing Bots in Your Analytics](".

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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