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Remove Google Tag Manager From Squarespace Website

Removing Google Tag Manager (GTM) from your Squarespace website can be done in just a few steps. This guide will walk you through the process from start to finish.

Step 1: Access Your Squarespace Dashboard

First things first, you need to get into your Squarespace account. Here's how:
Head over to the Squarespace website and log in with your credentials.
Once you're logged in, you'll be taken directly to your site's dashboard. This is your starting point.

Step 2: Access Code Injection Settings

Next, we're going to find the place where the GTM code is hiding. Follow these steps:
Look for the "Settings" option on the sidebar of your dashboard and click on it.
Scroll down until you see "Advanced". Click on that to continue.
Inside the Advanced menu, you'll find an option called "Code Injection". Click on it to open up the area where code can be added or removed from your site.

Step 3: Remove the GTM Code

With the Code Injection settings open, you're now in the right place to remove GTM from your site. You'll be doing this in two parts:
Header Field: Look for the GTM code that starts with <script> near the top or head of your page. This needs to be deleted.

Footer Field: There's also a piece of GTM code right after the opening body tag (<body>) of your site. Find this in the "Footer" field and delete it as well.

Step 4: Save Your Changes

After you've removed both pieces of GTM code:
Make sure to hit the "Save" button to apply your changes. This is a crucial step to ensure that GTM is truly gone from your site.

Step 5: Verify the Removal

Lastly, you will want to double-check to make sure GTM is completely uninstalled. Here's what to do:
Open your Google Tag Manager account in another tab or window.
In GTM, look for the "Preview" option and click on it to enter debug mode.
Go back to your Squarespace website and refresh the page.
If everything was removed correctly, the GTM debugger console should not appear on your site anymore. This means you've successfully uninstalled GTM.

Warning: Failure to properly uninstall GTM (Google Tag Manager) may result in data duplication and inaccurate bot traffic analytics. Ensuring proper uninstallation will facilitate obtaining accurate bot traffic data for your analytics.

And there you have it! You've successfully uninstalled Google Tag Manager from your Squarespace website. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to Squarespace support.

Updated on: 30/03/2024

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