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How "Hide GTM" Mode Works

"Hide GTM" mode is the simplest and easiest mode to implement. It also meets the needs of most users.

In this mode, when a visitor hits your website, Bot Badger assesses if the visitor is a bot. If it is, the site operates normally, but doesn't load Google Tag Manager (GTM). If GTM doesn't load, then neither does Google Analytics, nor any of the other intelligence or analytics platforms that can be ruined by bot data.

Again, "Hide GTM" mode will meet the needs of most Bot Badger customers, but here's why you might need to select another mode.

You might need "Send Info" mode if:

You have logic you'd like to perform based on if the current visitor is a bot (or human)
It is important to you that current analytics line up with historical analytics and you'd like to have custom dimensions to filter bot from human traffic inside of Google Analytics instead of simply removing the bot traffic altogether.
Your site doesn't work properly without GTM running
Learn more about "Send Info" mode here.

You might need "Load Alternate" mode if:

A service you use is trying to check for the installation of a tag and can't see it
You'd like to load an alternate Google Analytics account for bots
You'd like to use tags in tag manager to put additional restrictions on forms for suspected bots to reduce form spam
Learn more about "Load Alternate" mode here

Updated on: 22/01/2024

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