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Integrating Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics for Bot Badger:

Integration of GTM to GA for Bot Badger Users:

This document serves as a comprehensive guide for Bot Badger users looking to Integrate Google Tag Manager (GTM) to Google Analytics (GA) through the use of the new Google Tag. By following these instructions, you can ensure seamless data tracking and analysis capabilities for your website. Whether you're aiming to enhance your site's performance or seeking detailed insights into user interactions, this guide will assist you in successfully linking GTM to GA, specifically tailored for the Bot Badger platform.

Access Google Tag Manager: Log in to your Google Tag Manager account.

Create a New Tag: Go to tags; in the upper corner, you'll see a button to add a new tag.

Select Tag Configuration: Choose the "Google Analytics" section from the tag configuration options.

Choose Google Tag: Since the GA4 configuration tag is no longer available, select the "Google Tag" option.

Enter Tag ID: Paste your GA4 Measurement ID into the designated field. This ID can be found in Google Analytics under Admin > Data Streams.

Define Trigger: Use the "All Pages" trigger for tracking page views across all pages.

Test Tag: Enter preview mode and visit the website to ensure the tag fires correctly. Verify that data is being sent to Google Analytics.

Publish Tag: Once testing is successful, submit the container changes and publish the new Google Tag Manager configuration.

Confirmation: Go to real-time reports to confirm all changes made are effective.

Updated on: 20/03/2024

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